Lori’s cookies are a home-style pantry or bakery favourite cake with a healthy twist.
Premium and wholesome ingredients are always chosen to ensure the cookies have a balance of flavour and nutrition.
The whole- food ingredients have minimal processing and are 100% natural.
The cookies are :
– Gluten Free
– Vegan friendly
– Preservative and Sulphite Free
They also have no added sugars and are a source of fibre so that you know with every bite, you can Enjoy Yourself More

Oaties- wholesome muesli bar slice:
– Made in a BRC accredited factory
– Australian made
– Wheat free, vegan friendly, no added preservatives.
– Lunchbox friendly
– Packed full of nutrient dense plant- based ingredients including a source of prebiotic dietary fibre and resistant starch.
– Goodness for your gut
– No Nasties: Our Promise to you

Watermelon Seed Butter