Low sodium products in our range

Mustard Amount of sodium/100g
Horseradish Mustard 2mg
Honey Mustard 6mg
Mediterranean Mustard 106mg
Mountain Pepper Mustard 7mg
Tasmanian Rainforest Mustard 6mg
Dijon Mustard 2mg
Relish Amount of sodium/100g
Apricot Chutney 42mg
Caramelized Onion Relish 16mg
Ratatouille Relish 9mg

Hill Farm


Hill Farm Preserves mustards are completely natural. They are made without artificial flavours colours or preservatives. Our award-winning mustards make a pleasing addition to hot and cold meats, smoked salmon, fish and vegetarian fare. We cater for all palates and dietary requirements – sweet, mild or hot and spicy, low sodium or sugar and gluten free. Choose from our extensive range – there will be one there for you. The high quality mustard seeds used in our seeded mustards are grown, harvested and cleaned on Redbanks farm at Sisters Creek.

Relishes and Chutneys

A delicious range of relishes and chutneys made from Tasmanian ‘home grown’ farm produce. These are a full-bodied accompaniment to any hot and cold meats, curries, vegetables and cheeses. They are especially good for sharpening the taste of sandwiches. Only our Chilli relish contains gluten. All other relishes and chutneys are gluten free. Corn starch is only used in Piccalilli and Caramelised onion relishes.


Our aromatic vinegars are made using tangy apple cider vinegar, herbs and fresh fruit. Use our selection of Basil, Raspberry, Tarragon and Apple Cider. All are sensational in a sauce, brilliant for deglazing a pan, splashing on salad or fish & chips. They are sharp, acidic and ready to use anytime.


These clear jellies, tart and sweet, capture the distinctive tastes of natural fruits. The majority of the fruit we use is grown in Tasmania’s cool climate. To ensure clarity, good colour, firm even texture and rich unique flavours, the jellies are prepared in the traditional way. They won’t be hurried! As artificial pectin and setters are not used in our natural jellies they should be kept away from heat and sunlight or they will melt.


This delicious range of jams is slow cooked in small batches, to retain the natural flavour, colour and texture. You can actually see the fresh locally grown fruit when spread thickly on fresh bread, toast, scones or crumpets – Just how jams used to look and taste. Wherever possible we use Tasmanian and Australian produce.


This delicious range of marmalades is heaven for the marmalade connoisseur (Paddington Bear would love them!). They are slow cooked in small batches to retain the natural flavour, colour and texture of the fruit. For a perfect start to the day spread thickly on fresh bread, toast or hot croissants and enjoy with your morning cuppa.

Fruit Pastes

Hill Farm Preserves pastes capture the flavours and colours of summer, condensing and concentrating them. They are the ideal companion to creamy or sharp cheeses and deserve a place on every cheese board. They can be used as filling in pancakes or croissants, or melted as a glaze for fruit tarts or meat. They can be cut into wedges to enjoy as a sweet meat in their own right. Our beautifully boxed pastes are an ideal addition to food hampers or as a gift for a friend.

Cold Pressed Oils

GM-free oilseeds grown at Redbank have been mechanically squeezed to extract the oil and then filtered. No heat has been applied, leaving a more natural cooking oil with wonderful golden clarity of colour. The oilseeds are fully processed at Redbank farm from planting to bottling.